We supply wholesale coffee to a variety of industries across South Africa:

  • good restaurants & coffee shops
  • delis & farm stalls
  • guesthouses & businesses

View a list of our Outlets here.

We currently have three perfectly balanced medium roast blends to choose from. In addition to these we also offer a  dark roast blend and a delicious full-bodied decaf. Plus our newest addition, the Pure Organic Blend. Shop here

For filter machines and guest rooms we can supply 50g or 70g sealable bags to ensure optimum freshness. This packaging option is perfect for guest houses/ self catering establishments as well as picnics and hikes where compact packaging is essential. These bags are bio-degradable too!

Additionally we offer a number of other services to make serving your Arrow Coffee enjoyable and effortless…

Wholesale discounts

Wholesale discounts will be calculated based on your volume requirements. In other words, the more you require per month the less your coffee will cost.

A tasting session and evaluation of your equipment

We would love to offer you a complimentary coffee tasting where you can try our various blends and see how they compare with your current supplier. Additionally, we can advise you on what solution will best serve your particular business’ needs and help you choose the right equipment.


If you choose us as your preferred coffee supplier, we will offer complimentary Barista training. Marijus will spend 2-3 mornings with you and your staff. He will provide training in the necessary techniques required for making the perfect cup of Arrow coffee. This training also includes cleaning of your equipment, an often neglected aspect, which is crucial to the barista’s success and the longevity of your machine. After that, you should be all set for success!

Machine and grinder rentals

Talk to us about renting equipment.

Contact us today to find out more about Arrow Coffee for your business.