Decaf (Natural)

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Quality Decaffeinated Coffee

A medium roast premium quality Arabica with South American Origins //


Acidity – medium

Body – medium

Mouth Feel – delicate to the palate


Notes: citrus, sweet chocolate flavour, honey, balanced in its sweetness. Residual to lemon, clean cup, silky.


Spring water – natural origin Ethyl Acetate (EA) combined method. The latter substance is naturally present in every coffee bean (as well as in many fruits and vegetables). This means there is no addition of foreign materials that takes place. Natural EA is obtained from the sugarcane industry in Colombia, and is, along with spring water, the only other substance with which the coffee comes into contact. This solvent of natural origin and fresh spring water are the only materials used for the caffeine extraction process. The EA water process permits a smooth extraction of caffeine from the grain, avoiding excessive heat and pressure, thus preserving the natural structure of the coffee bean cells. This process allows an excellent roasting that yields a perfect aroma and flavour. The process is FDA approved, and the residuals of Ethyl Acetate are below 5 ppm, while international norms allow up to 20 ppm. A ripe Banana contains about 20 times more EA than our decaffeinated coffee! It is also worthwhile mentioning that due to the volatility of the Ethyl Acetate, any residual of it in coffee beans evaporates during any roasting process, leaving no trace (E.A. evaporates at 70°C, coffee is roasted around 200°C).


3 reviews for Decaf (Natural)

  1. Thandi de Beer

    I love arrow decaf! Being a huge coffee lover I sometimes want that extra cup but don’t need the extra caffeine:) The flavor is delicious and it got me through my pregnancy without feeling guilty or having to cut out my coffee altogether!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

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    Great spot on ! Roastwells decaf has been our go to – to date. This is just excellent – for when I need a coffee taste but have already had 2 during the morning !

  3. Stephanie (verified owner)

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    Yummy, will definitely buy some more, not bitter which is a huge plus in my opinion. Would have been a 5 if it had been a slightly darker roast (tiny bit stronger) if that is, in fact, at all possible (not at all clued up on how the decaf process works).

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