Full Body Ground Coffee Scrub


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As you know by now, we at Arrow Coffee have a zero waste policy and this amazing coffee scrub is made from our used coffee grounds

Size – 125ml


Ground coffee


Coconut oil


Benefits of using coffee scrub on your skin:

  • The caffeine found in coffee scrubs typically increases blood flow, and may reduce the appearance of cellulite and give your skin a more even tone
  • Coconut oil is a great skin softener and helps you do away with dry and hard skin conditions
  • Coconut oil can delay the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of skin which normally accompany aging and it keeps the skin’s connective tissues strong, which prevents sagging and wrinkles
  • Coconut oil also helps in preventing premature aging and degenerative diseases due to its well-known antioxidant properties
  • Sugar contains glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. The natural glycolic acid in sugar not only helps condition and moisturise skin, but protects it from harsh toxins

*please note: jars will differ as we used recycled jars but size is exactly the same


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