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BrewPress – The Pack and Go Coffee Press

An all-in-one coffee press.
Brew quality filter coffee,
anywhere, anytime!

NB – Select filter grind for correct grind for BrewPress

The secret to BrewPress’ ingenious design is it’s flexible, yet sturdy mid-section.

As the name suggests, there really are just two aspects to it – Brewing and Pressing (BrewPress) – making it a compression/infusion style brew.

In it’s open position BrewPress can contain 300ml of water. Add your ground coffee, stir and brew. Compress it to extract the perfect cup of coffee.

The Ultimate Coffee Companion

By design, BrewPress is compact, portable and self contained, making it the ideal coffee companion for any occassion.

Closed, it’s is just 6cm tall (under 2.5 inches)!

Open the top lid and BrewPress contains everything you need to brew the perfect cup on the go (except water, of course – you’ll have to carry that separately).

A coffee scoop/stirrer, container for your ground coffee and space for filter papers, BrewPress’ design is made for convenience!

– Made in Cape Town, South Africa.

What’s in the box

1 x BrewPress (Black)
1 x Ground Coffee Container
1 x Coffee Scoop
1 x Filter Papers Pack (50) – ***refills available

PLUS 60g Forest Blend  (enough for 5 servings)

To view this little device in action, click here



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